Walking is a Great thing to do....

As a mummy of two, I absolutely understand how you feel as a new mummy!! Sleep deprived, sore boobs, a baby who can't decide when they want feeding so you feel like you can't plan ... I'm with you and it can be so overwhelming and stressful! The solution ... the great outdoors ... it's free, on your doorstep and exercise can be so good for us mums as it helps with stress levels and can actually make you feel better because of all those positive hormones flying around your body afterwards.

So, here is why walking is a great thing to do ...

  1. It's one the of the easiest exercises you can do. Yes you've got a little human being to take along with you but getting them in the sling or even in the pram will work muscles you didn't think could be worked by walking - so you're getting an all over body workout too.

  2. You can adapt it to your fitness level and just take it at your own pace. Listening to your body after having a baby is so important, so you can start with a stroll around the block and before you know it you'll have forked out on an all terrain buggy to up your exercise game!

  3. It's great for your mental health too. Being a mummy can be unpredictable and some days you feel like you don't know what to do to stop your baby crying.  Pop them in the pram, grab a bottle and some formula and the motion of the walk will help to calm them (my two always fell asleep in the pram). It will give you some time to yourself, enjoying the fresh air and looking at the amazing little person you made in front of you.

  4. Got a pair of jeans you want to get back in to ... grab the pram and get those feet moving because walking is not only great for cardiovascular health but muscle tone and strength too!

  5. You don't need to wait ... if you want to start classes or get back in the gym once you have had your 6 week check, walking can get you prepared for these types of activities. Judge your own abilities and consider the birth that you had before jumping straight in though.

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