The first few weeks of the next 13 years ………. At least! 

Well…….. what can I say, all that worry (if you’ve read my previous blog post you will know what I mean), was for nothing. Thankfully, my little lady has settled into school like she’s always been there, I’m also shocked that it’s almost half term already, where has that time gone? 

The first couple of weeks were strange, not knowing if I was being over fussy, or completely missing the mark. I didn’t send her in with a drinks bottle on her first day as she was only there for 90 mins, didn’t think she would need it, and she was the only one without one, nightmare!!!! I still feel guilty to this day, but it was quickly overcome, and we’ve never forgotten it since! 

As the weeks have gone on she’s made more and more friends, and I’m starting to form friendships with other parents whilst waiting to drop off and collect the children. I actually really enjoy the school run, even in the rain, it’s my time to just reflect and practice some mindfulness, and the conversation on the way home about Miss C’s day is priceless. I treasure these conversations as I’m under no illusion that there is going to be a time when I ask about her day and I’ll get ‘it was fine’.

That is something I struggled with initially, when I collected her from preschool I would get a breakdown of her day, what she had done, what she had eaten, who she played with, how she had been, we don’t get any of that from the school, I have to take Miss C’s word for it. This leap into independence was something I hadn’t effectively prepared myself for.

We are now fully integrated into the world of homework, reading books, stickers and head teacher’s awards, which Miss C is loving. I however, feel like I’m handing my homework in, even though its not my work, always anxious about getting the feedback, ridiculous, I know, what is that about?

Something I’ve found really useful when getting used to the world of primary school Mum is the parents Whatsapp group that the parents have, it’s given me reassurance when there has been confusion, its confirmed things that I have been unclear about and helps to get to know the parents in the class. So if you aren’t in a Whatsapp group, maybe ask one of the other parents if there is one, or start one yourself, it’s been so helpful. 

I don’t think our introduction to school could have gone any better, she skips into school and she skips out. I’m so so proud that Miss C has taken it all in her stride and has been confident enough to put herself out there and face her worries head on. I hope her journey through education is a positive one, full of fond memories, fabulous friendships and that she continues to have a love of learning.

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