Take my Hair (But not my humour)

Hi, I’m Emma. Married to Darren and co-owner of two small humans, Toby (six) and Chloe (two) and Beagle Arthur (eight).

I’m a lawyer by day and now an author by night!

I’ve just self-published my first book ‘Take my hair (but not my humour): One mum’s journey seeing off breast cancer.’ Literally October 2020.

I’d love to share my journey with you.

Now I appreciate you might be wondering whether this is the right book for you and where this fits in with a group about parenting and motherhood.

A lot of people wondered how I’d manage with children but to be honest they were my reason for adopting my positive approach. I also found I could be authentically me, not worrying about what other people thought. Boy was that liberating and possibly the first time I’d experienced this in my adult life.

I’d struggled with the full pack of anxiety, mum-guilt, loss of identity following Toby but over the years I developed tools to put myself back together. Not least I worked on my mindset and thank goodness I did because I needed that more than ever when the consultant stated “I’m sorry, but it’s cancer.” I let you in on my tactics within those pages.

Still with me? Great. Here’s the back of the book blurb:

Happily ticking off her ‘forty things at forty’ bucketlist in 2019 Emma, wife and mother to two young children, hadn’t included a breast cancer diagnosis. Rather inconveniently a summer of fun was replaced with hospital appointments, scans and the commencement of ‘The Poisoning’ (chemotherapy).

Using her slightly sweary and dark humour Emma takes you on a ‘Bridget Jones diary’ style chronological journey in her quest to kill ‘Lumpy’. From sensible practical tips and advice to her weekly mini blogs to manage her ‘Cancer comms’, ‘chemo sitter’ rotas for friends to entertain her on treatment days and Uncle Fester at Halloween she shows you the highs, the lows and everything in-between.

She also shares the real time conversations and words of loved ones.

One thing’s for sure - Cancer could take her hair but she was damned if it was taking her humour.

So yes it’s a book that talks about breast cancer but it’s also a book about hope. About friendship and love and how I was always looking for the positives in the darkest of times. Grabbing hold of the unique opportunities that cancer gave me, not least the gift of time. To not only slow down but actually stop.

I also have it on quite good authority that it’s pretty damn funny. Not the start, there’s not much you can do with a cancer diagnosis, but as ‘the plan’ got underway and I relaxed into treatment I had some fun old times with my friends and family. There’s all the words of my loved ones in this ‘Bridget Jones’s diary’ style format and of course plenty of bits involving the children.

I’d love to share my journey with you if you’d like to come along.

£2 from every paperback sold will be donated to FORCE cancer charity. An amazing charity that helped both myself but also my mum when my diagnosis broke her a little bit.