Simple Half term Halloween ideas

So after the UK went into lockdown in March, we thought a week with the little’s would never phase us again, but they grow, they want to explore more, experience different things and can leave us thinking ‘well……. What can they do now?’, especially as there are still restrictions in place.

So here are some super simple Halloween play and craft ideas for the October half term, using items you can find around the home.

1. Halloween Garland

Grab 4-6 paper plates

Paint, colour, mosaic in orange, green, white or black

Orange – Add black paper shapes, a green stalk to make pumpkins

Green – Add black paper shapes, googley eyes to make monsters or Frankenstien

Black – Add black paper wings, googley eyes and white paper fangs for bats

Place 2 small holes at the top of each of the plates and thread some string/wool to create and then hang your garland.

2. Bowling

Grab some paper cups and some felt tip pens

Draw faces on the cups to resemble ghosts

(Optional) To mix them up wrap coloured paper around some of the cups to create pumpkins/monsters

Stack the cups in a pyramid either on top of each other or like 10 pin bowling and roll a ball or pumpkin knocking to cups over

3. Edible witches hats

This is an idea from @huggleschildcare on Instagram

Take some ice cream cones and turn them upside down (point facing up)

Add food colouring to 3 bowls of icing sugar mixed with water

Decorate the cones with the icing and sprinkles

Or Cover in Melted Chocolate and sprinkles.

4. Spider print painting

Take a toilet roll tube and cut into 8 strips to halfway down

Turn the tube over and flatten out the cut strips onto a flat surface

Dip the strips into paint and then print onto paper

Once dry add googley eyes and draw web, or cut out to hang as decorations

5. Halloween Match

Cut a sheet of paper into 8

Draw pairs of Halloween pictures

Lay the images face down and mix them up

Children then have to find the Halloween pairs

For children who are a bit older you can create more cards

6. Sensory bin

Add Halloween themed loose parts to a tray/box along with dried pasta, rice or lentils

Add spoons, scoops and bowls and let them play, dig and pour to their hearts contents

7. Pumpkin decomposition activity

This is an activity particularly good for 3-5 year olds that you can find over at

Its great for observational skills, exploring the world, social skills plus much more.

8. Insect rescue

Set some plastic insects or Halloween themed items in jelly

The littles then have to set them free using their hands, spoons, potato mashers etc.

You could also do this with ice, and melt the insects free with warm water and salt.

9. Pumpkin chalk board

Paint a pumpkin with black paint

Use chalk to decorate or write on the pumpkin

10. Pumpkin potions

Hollow out a pumpkin to use as a cauldron

Mix lemon or white vinegar with food colouring (mix a few colours for more choice)

Add some of the acid mixture to the pumpkin

Then add some bicarbonate of soda and watch it fizz

Keep adding to keep the fizziness going.

For added fun stir in glitter, sequins, plastic Halloween themed toys.

Hopefully, these will give you some fun things to do over the next week, get creative, modify the ideas above to fit with what you have at home, what your children enjoy. The most important thing is to have fun!!!!

If you would like ideas this week Make sure you give Leigh a follow on her Instgram Page

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