One Million Steps could make such a difference!

Our ‘Million Steps Challenge’ has been a big hit this year, when we have faced so many challenges as a charity with fundraising. It is brilliant for us as a charity, but also life changing in many cases for those who take part – maybe it is exactly what you have being waiting for?!

Together with my wonderful wife Jill I set up Team Evie in 2015 in memory of our beautiful daughter Evie. Evie was born with multiple serious cardiac, respiratory, and digestive problems and spent the majority of the 6 months she was with us in hospital. We vowed that her life would have a positive impact on the world – and through Team Evie we are really proud to have supported thousands of sick children and their families, and also provided medical equipment and training which is saving children’s lives every day.

We experienced first-hand the journey through hospital and time at home looking after Evie – we understand the struggles parents face when their little one has a lifelong condition, is injured, or becomes poorly. Therefore, we do everything we can to support them from the beginning right through to them being better, receiving ongoing care, or with bereavement support for those who sadly lose a child.

We provide so many donations to the families and 20 medical teams and wards we support – including:

· Funding all the equipment for special baby groups for parents to take their child to, run by medical professionals. These groups are a safe place where parents don’t need to worry about other parents asking questions about their child’s condition, or not understanding their worries, concerns and challenges they face each day. They also have the reassurance that the group is facilitated by children’s nurses, so they are in the safest hands possible

· Sensory toys and equipment to support the incredibly important neurological development of children when they are in hospital long term – these are also great for distraction during treatments or for relaxation to help a child get to sleep in the wards.

· Renovating Family Rooms on children’s wards. We spent so many hours in one of these throughout Evie’s life while she had treatment or was in the operating theatre. We aim to create calm spaces so parents can sit quietly and get some rest while their child sleeps on the wards, or somewhere out of the way to go during the worrying hours while their child has an operation.

We also provide parent bags when families are taken by ambulance with their children, Special Care Baby Unit packs for parents, mobile libraries for wards, iPads for patients and to facilitate simulation training for staff and much more…

The Million Steps Challenge is just that – to walk 1,000,000 steps (equivalent to 500 miles!) in 90 days, starting on the 1st October. The award-winning business we helped develop this challenge with provide you with a special app which calculates your steps for you, and which also contains your own personal fundraising page!

The challenge was created for social good, both for charities, but also the individuals taking part.

By signing up for the Million Steps Challenge you will:

· Develop new habits with your exercise and well-being

· Get an introduction to mindfulness, benefiting your mental well-being

· Be aware of the movement you make each day and become accountable for the exercise you take

· Make a positive difference to your daily routine

You may also:

· Lose weight

· Feel more focused

· Get more sleep

· Be more productive

· Develop other positive habits such as improved diet

All that, AND you get to raise money for a wonderful charity which helps sick children and their families!

I know that ‘Mamma with a Cuppa’ is a place where members come to talk about their wellbeing, lifestyle and mindset – I am so thrilled that we have linked up because I think our fundraising challenge is PERFECT for all these challenges faced by us busy parents (We have had 2 girls since Evie – now 2 and 4!).

I took part in the challenge in January and it was sooooo good for my physical and mental wellbeing, giving me focus on my movement each day and gave me ownership of my fitness – it is easier than I thought to fit steps in to your day – a quick 5 minute sprint on the spot while Bing is on gets over 300 steps on the clock!!

We would love to have lots of the wonderful ‘Mamma with a Cuppa’ members and followers involved in the challenge. By signing up on the ‘Mamma with a Cuppa’ pages a team will be created and we can see how many steps you take all together – I think apart from the life changing benefits and raising money to help sick children it would be amazing to show off how active busy mums are and see how far you can walk as a team!! 1,000,000 steps would take you from London to Zurich, our team in January managed to walk right round the world!! How amazing is that?!

I really hope to welcome lots of you on to the challenge in the next few weeks and look forward to us making such a big difference together!

Greg x

Team Evie

Join our challenge here at Mamma with a Cuppa click here to get started !

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