My Top 5 Diet Myths

Looking back, my diet used to be ridiculous! I’d cut my calories back, eat ‘healthy foods’ (which in fact looking back on now with the knowledge I have were far too carb heavy) and then eat a small low fat dinner!! I believed everything that I read and can understand why there are so many different diets out there! But ... hopefully to help you, I’ve pulled together my top 5 diet myths (many of which I do day to day and still manage to stay in shape and lose weight)!

1 - Fats are bad for you

Incorrect! Fats are an important part of everybody’s diet and help in regulating hormones, give your body energy and support cell growth. Yes some fats are ‘less good’ (if that’s even a word) than others, but I don’t believe anything should be cut out of a diet, it’s all about moderation and not deprivation.

2 - Carbs make you fat

I plead with you to reverse this thinking! As a busy mummy, you absolutely need carbohydrates in your diet (and a lot of foods actually contain carbs). Eating a low carb diet will make you feel exhausted, your body needs energy and carbs are the main source of it. The secret here is the amount you eat ... too many calories (whether from protein, carbohydrates or fats) will likely cause weight gain if you are eating more than you burn!

3 - Fad diets will help me lose weight

Yes they may do in the short term, but not in a healthy way and in fact research has shown so called yo-to dieters are likely to end up gaining weight. The equation is simple, if you eat a balanced diet and exercise (and are therefore in a calorie deficit), you’ll see the numbers on the scales going down.

4 - I can’t eat out at my favourite restaurant when I’m in a diet

Rubbish!! As I said earlier, you can enjoy anything you want when you’re on a diet - you just need to make sensible choices (and go easy on the booze)! I follow flexible dieting ... and that’s what it’s all about - flexibility! If I fancy a takeaway at the weekend, I’ll have one but I make sure for the rest of the week I’ve eaten well and exercised.

5 - Eating before bed will make me put on weight

This is somewhat true and somewhat not (so I’m classing it as a myth)! If, instead of going directly to bed, you grab a snack (out of boredom), then the calories from that snack are calories you might have done without. Secondly, when you get tired, you will be more likely to reach for ‘naughtier’ things like chocolate or biscuits. So, if you’re feeling peckish, think about your food choice first ...

What are some of the food Myths you've heard - Comment below and we will try and find the truth out and solve your worries!!

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