Medapti : A medicine applicator crowdfunding mission

My name is Dora, and I am a mum of two boys, 8 and 10 years old. When they were babies, I struggled to give them medicine. My first baby was on reflux medication for quite a few months and as a first time mum, I was always anxiousabout hurting his gums with the hard plastic syringe. My second baby on the other hand, refused to take the medicinealtogether. His temperatures used to spike up really high, really fast and it was very tricky to bring them down. The sticky medicine would normally end up all over me, him or the floor. He used to get so upset and it was heart-breaking. I used to cry myself with him.

More so, it was very worrying because we never knew how much medicine he swallowed and if his temperature would go down. On top of that, there were times when the medicine shot straight down his throat making him choke (luckily, he always got his breath back quickly). Every time I looked at my baby’s upset face, I couldn’t believe that there wasn’t a simple product to help me.

There are products trying to solve the problem but I found them not simple or effective enough. Frustrated, I couldn’t find a good enough solution, I decided to create one. The result was an easy to use product, directing medicine to the side.

All you need to do is fill the syringe as you normally would and slide Medapti on. Medapti is:


mess free

softer protecting baby’s gums

and it directs the syringe to the side, rather than the back of throat.

It is suitable for all babies, including babies that don't like dummies or refuse to take the medicine. Even if your baby is moving around, Medapti will help you gently position the syringe so it's directed to the side. With Medapti, giving medicine to babies is easier for you and less traumatic for your baby.

Medapti has gone from an idea, born from my own struggles when my children were little, to a patented product, gathering interest from many parents, health professionals and children’s hospitals. It has been featured in the British and international media. I was also chosen as one of the finalists in the BPA Concept & Innovation Awards 2019 and Virgin VOOM competition, as well as shortlisted twice in the Pitch UK competition.

Getting to this point has been full of challenges, especially while still working and looking after two kids, but I haven’t given up because I believe in my product and I really think it will help many people. Not only babies but premature infants, disabled and elderly. It has also been an amazing journey during which I met so many incredible people and learnt an unbelievable amount of new things. I also showed my kids that it’s important to chase your dreams and work hard.

My boys have been a big part of this journey. I shared the ups and downs with them. They have been my biggest fans as well as helpers throughout the whole thing. They were my judges when I practised my pitches for competitions, my photographers, my advisers and supporters when I needed a hug. Once, when things went terribly wrong with the design, my eldest son said. “Don’t worry mum, how long do you think it took the Lego man to invent Lego?” So many times,they come back from school and tell me they invented something. I love that part. This journey has not only shaped me, but it also shaped them. It taught them that hard work pays off, that it is good to get yourself out of your comfort zone as well as fail but pick yourself up, learn from it and carry on working towards your dream.

After 7 years of ups and downs, the tooling of Medapti is finally finished and I am ready to start production but I need to raise more money to get over the last hurdle.

I have recently launched the crowdfunding campaign, which is supported by NatWest Back Her Business programme. So far, 119 people have supported me which is absolutely amazing and I am so incredibly grateful for but I need more help and I only have 6 days left. My next goal is to raise £170 as soon as I can, so I reach 25% of my goal. Once I hit 25%, NatWest bank will add £5000 towards my campaign as part of the Back Her Business Programme, supporting women in business. I will then have the last £2500 to raise.

Here is the link to my crowdfunding page if you would like to find out more:

You can not only pre-order Medapti in support of my campaign but also choose other rewards, including a super comfy coatigan designed by my sister (a prefect Christmas gift too!), inspirational t-shirts or “Mystery Launch Party” VIP tickets.

I know that raising £2500 in 5 days will be a challenge, but the last 7 years have been full of them and I am determined to fight till the last day, as this campaign will make so much difference in the ability for me to bring Medapti to market and finally make it a reality.

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