K is for Knockers

My boobs were always ok pre babies! I was pretty happy with them anyway! I was a backless tops enthusiast in the early noughties, lots of dancing to Beyonce with just some tied strings protecting my modesty and no bra. They would stay there, well behaved, not a spaniel ear shape in site!

 Then I got pregnant and they got massive 😂😂. I mean, I've seen bigger, but I'm not that tall (understatement) and normally a size 8, so they felt massive to me! And then...breastfeeding...blimey!! Those first few days when your milk comes in they get truly enormous!!

I fed both my boys until around a year, and the massive boob stage disappeared a few months in each time.

Now, well, they are defo smaller then pre baby, and umm, definitely no more backless/braless tops! But, actually, they don't look too bad, and they were the sole source of nourishment for my children for the first 6 ish months of their lives, which is pretty miraculous when you think about it.

So, knockers, you may not be as pert and bouncy as you once were, but I still think you're pretty bloody awesome. Go boobs.

Mum 36 - Two children Aged 5 and 2

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