I is for Imagination

Watching your little ones imagination grow is one of the most amazing parts of being a mum! The things that they come out with when they are little can be hilarious and embarrassing both at the same time but it's also so much fun!

As a mum constantly finding new ways to help that imagination thrive puts your own imagination to the test! And the best way I've found of doing it is to play along whether it be being told to shhh because the toys are sleeping or hunting for dinosaurs in the woods, it's definitely a learning curve to try and stop yourself from correcting them and actually just letting them discover themselves.

Especially during lockdown we have got creative almost every day! Arts and crafts has been a big hit in our house and it's definitely interesting to see where their imagination takes them. When they have finished we get a full description of what they have created and of course the multicoloured brown blob is the most amazing thing that mummy has ever seen! I'm not sure the older one understands sarcasm but on a few occasions has been caught praising the younger one for the best picture in the world then comes over to tell me that it's not really!

I've found that my younger one copies a lot from the older one so watching them attempt a game of hide and seek or the floor is lava is so much fun especially when the little one doesn't really understand and then gets praised by the older one for finding the best hiding place in the whole house!( Head behind hands sat it full view in the middle of the room!)

I think the hardest thing that I found was to let them play independently, especially with my older one I was always there to guide or play with but when the little one came along mummy's time was split in two and that's when the imagination and independence kicked in and actually wasn't as dependent on me when I couldn't join in and my second child is definitely more independent and has a much stronger imagination and can generally create something out of nothing.

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