F is for F*cked


so, sleep deprivation is to be expected right?! I don’t think anything prepares you for the tiredness that literally floors you. The random middle of the night amazon purchases that are made to try & keep yourself awake & when they arrive you have zero recollection of pressing buy! The morning where you put your cup of tea in the bin rather than your tea bag & put your phone out in the rubbish to be taken away by the bin men & never to be seen again?! Feeling totally f**k’ed is a state of normality as a mum. With baby one it bothered me & I cried at my mistakes but with baby 2 I learnt another F word,forgiveness. It is totally ok to make mistakes, lose your patience & cry over nothing due to extreme tiredness because it means you are giving your all to what is now your world. You are exhausted for good reason & believe it or not will miss those middle of the night parties with your small one & do anything to reclaim that feeling of being completely f**k’ed. Embrace it & keep a funny journal of actions & outcomes that come out of it!

Mum of 2 - Aged 2 and under 1

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