E is for Expectations

Expectation vs reality. I have recently had my second child and often reflect on how I felt when I was pregnant with my first to now being a mum of two. Being pregnant and becoming a mum is a massive learning curve. Sometimes I think us mums can have ideas about what parenting is or should be... but this often conflicts with reality!

Whatever your own style of ‘mummying’ is just go with it and do whatever is best for you and baby. I often felt as though people would ask me ‘have you tried it this way?’ Or ‘why don’t you do this’ and ‘haven’t they reached that milestone yet’. Sometimes I just wanted to flick the ‘Vs’ at them! I won’t give specifics examples of this happening to me as there are too many of these moments!!

For me when I reflect back it is important for me to remind myself that every child is different and everything is a ‘phase’... ultimately just follow your gut on things and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. If your baby is fed, clean and lover then that’s pretty great.

Mum of two

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