C is for Covid Baby

Having a baby during lock down wasn’t part of our plan but that’s life for you. So here we are with our lovely daughter at 11 weeks. Covid-19 has had a massive impact on ours and I’m sure many others through this time. Some of it good and some of it more challenging. It’s affected the time we had with our daughter in the early days, while she was in neonatal we only could be with her on our own. I feel we missed time as a family in those early days, saying that when we did get home dad was working from home so I had so much extra help and support from him. We also have missed being able to share our daughter with family and friends and boy did I not realise how all this would change our experience and the support we have had. I feel I have found becoming a mum so challenging and not having my family here to support me has been really hard. I look forward to showing of our beautiful baby to everyone. 

Mum 32 - Mum of one.

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