Becoming an on Time School Run Mum!

Wooooooohooooo!! I’ve made it .... a full three weeks of being a mum to a school boy (go me)!

But let me tell you, it’s so different from doing the nursery drop off. I used to have both boys to get ready and take to the same nursery with no deadline or chance of ‘being late’ ... now it’s a totally different matter! Getting two boys to different places, one with a drop off time that has to be stuck to is the biggest challenge of the day!

I seem to have got it sorted now after a few weeks of practice but wow, that first day!! We got up, got breakfast, got dressed, teeth brushed etc and set off at 8.20am (Eli has to be dropped of school at 8.45am). I decided in my own head that dropping Seth off first would be easiest and then I could just go straight home after school drop off and crack on with the day. So we drove down to nursery, then of course all the ladies wanted to see Eli in his school uniform and tell him how ‘grown up’ he looks. And over the weekend, Seth had bumped his head so we had an accident form to fill out for him. I could see the seconds ticking by on the clock but we got sorted and back in the car at 8.35am. I drove the way back they we came down and my heart dropped as all the brake lights started coming on ... what I hadn’t anticipated was the school traffic for the high school! Parents were throwing their kids out of cars here there and everywhere, there were school buses, children stepping out off the pavement without looking .. it was chaos ... and resulted in us getting to school at 8.48am ... on Eli’s first day (aaaarrrrggggghh bad mum)!! So the first day tears were replaced with breathlessness running in to school!!

Anyway, less of the routine and more on emotions and how Eli is doing. I’m really proud with how he has settled in. As I said previously, he was the only one from his nursery so he’s had to go in to an unfamiliar place and make new friends ... which he seems to have done just fine. That first day I was like a car on hot bricks, I couldn't settle and kept thinking about my little man! I had a good few peeks out of the bedroom window at the playground to make sure he was ok!! He’s been so tired (and so hungry) after school though! He actually had a nap on the carpet one day. So even though the school day is shorter than the nursery day, it must be so much busier and more mentally challenging for them because he is shattered!

Due to COVID, the usual chat across the gate with the teacher to make sure they’ve been ok has gone. Eli’s school use an online system (a bit like Facebook for education) where they post pictures of your child and a description of what they’ve been up to and how that helps the development for children. Communication from school has been fantastic all the way through and I’m really happy that we’re kept updated and informed. Homework started in the second week with reading and phonics (and I’ve signed up and done a couple of courses aimed at parents of reception children who have no idea how they teach maths or phonics in school)!!

We’ve got a stay and play session this week which I’m really looking forward to. Seeing Eli in the school environment and what they’re getting up to will be great. We all have to get masked up, wash ours hands, keep social distance from other parents etc but I’m glad we’re able to go in like the other years.

So, with a few extra grey hairs from the stress of getting to school on time ... I don’t think we’re doing too badly at all (and it’s not been as daunting for Eli as I thought).

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