A - Z of Mum Life Project 2020

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Hello Gorgeous Mamma's !

When starting my Instagram feed I decided that the main feature of my feed would be to share a little something about my experience as a Mum so far. So you most probably have seen all or some of these posts from me!

When I realised that actually the posts I was writing were getting the most response was when I involved you guys - the Community that was emerging through Mamma with a Cuppa. I decided I wanted to take a back seat - This is something for you, I have encouraged a focus group on Facebook, these are Mums I know in person and some introduced to me online. These are real Mums living in the UK - experiencing being a mum and confiding in me. I have given each of these Mums a letter from the alphabet, and asked them to write the word that sums up a part of their Motherhood Journey - Then to write an Honest paragraph or two about it.

I have had messages asking me what exactly to write from some, others with huge long paragraphs , some asking for inspirations of words. I know that writing doesn't come easily to some. (I am one of those - so apologise for bad spelling / grammar etc) So for some this has not been an easy task. Some of these mums have jumped in head first with honesty which has made me tingle and get pretty emotional reading them.

I ask you as you read them, to think that this is a real person, this has taken courage and this is not a time to criticise. Any trolling / hurtful comments will be removed.

The purpose of this website is support, being able to ask honest questions and to motivate and be positive. Advice of a helpful kind is of course allowed, and we hope that you will all enjoy these stories from Mum's.

Just to Add all initials and names are strictly anonymous in these posts. Please do not try and reveal / guess the writer. We will share the Age of mother and there children and names mentioned in posts will be shown with an @ sign.

I look forward to gradually sharing A - Z of mum life with you!!!

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