A is For Adoption

We always knew we wanted a big family and had often talked about fostering, so after a very difficult birth of our sons, (a natural triplet pregnancy that ended in birth at 25 weeks and the sad death of 2 of our babies)complications from the birth leaving me needing a hysterectomy.

We quickly started talking about adoption. After a really great 9 months of assessments (surprisingly much less gruelling than people lead you to believe) we started on the 'matching' journey to find our child. We had a bumpy road, and I'd be lying if I said this part of the process was anything but stressful, frustrating and emotionally draining. However, one day a 'profile' popped into my inbox- A little girl who was nearly 1, loved singing and was always smiling!

We 'expressed our interest' and after a few more assessments and meetings with social workers etc. We found ourselves on our way to meet our little girl at her foster carers house with a structured plan of a week of contacts before she came to us for good! We had fantastic support from our adoption social worker and also met some amazing adoptive families on the way, not to mention our family and friends who have embraced every part of the process and our girl without question. Would we do it again? Probably! She's an incredible little girl, we are so lucky but it is hard at times. A good support network is essential, as well as the ability to say if things are tough (which I am definitely still learning to do!).

A Mum age 32 - Mum of 2

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