Hi I'm Amy and I'm a qualified 10 of Zen Mindfulness Meditation Teacher. 

I have always been interested in Mindfulness and Yoga. 

When becoming a Mum three and a half years ago I realised quite quickly (as I think we all do) how different life can be with a child. 

It took until my little boy was 2 for me to really struggle and realise that I needed to focus on myself (just a little bit) in order to give myself a chance of not going completely mad. I needed to find time for me, along with time to do everything else. 

I needed to feel less like the bottom of heap of dirty laundry and more like the one in front of it - calmly folding it and seeing the bottom of clean laundry bin (every so often at least!)

Mindfulness was introduced to me properly by lovely yoga teacher. I completely loved the meditation in body balance pre baby - But post baby and starting to really explore yoga and meditation - I was hooked. 

I am now a qualified Mindfulness Meditation teacher - I studied through the lovely Nikki at Ten of Zen. Mindfulness Meditation has changed my life. Day to day Mindfulness can make a huge difference to the life of a busy and tired mum by just a few simple changes and time outs here and there!

So if you've read this and think - This resonates - Then you've come to the right place. We are currently have open spaces in our Wednesday Evening Meditation Classes. 8pm Every Week for about 20 mins to half an hour. See our Events page for Booking 

Listen to our Free Trial Body Scan Meditation from our Self Care Challenge Below - 

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We look forward to welcoming you to our Mindfulness Meditation Classes 

Every Wednesday Via ZOOM


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