Mamma with a Cuppa was founded in May 2020  by Amy Smallwood, A mum of one, living with her partner in the middle of a Locked down Devon, UK. 

With only walks in the countryside (not so awful) and a 2.5yr old to keep busy. My mental health needed me to take a step back and breathe, focus on Yoga and find my way. I had lost my job and I knew I wanted to begin to run my own business again. 

Mamma with a Cuppa was formed. 


At Mamma with a Cuppa we want to provide you with the most valuable support, not only from the best specialist advice and contacts but also from a group of supportive Mumbassadors. Our Mumbassadors are Mums that all have 'been there' and had first hand experience of being parents. They are also our ideal clients, as they are all on their own individual journeys to improve their self care, mindset, family life and general lifestyles through wellbeing and creativity. All, whilst supporting our other mums and developing friendships along the way.  

We have really tried to hand pick both Specialists and Mums to work within our community that fit well with our ethos.


"A supportive friend, always there for a cuppa and a chat."


We want your journey through parenthood - from the day you become a mother to be a happy, healthy, fun and supported time.

By providing a place where you can interact with other mothers virtually.

This FREE membership will to help you learn wellbeing skills and parenting skills that will work hand in hand to empower you as a mother. We help to develop a mindset to help you to cope with the day to day, highs and lows of parenting and challenges that having a family can bring. 

We are always here to lend an ear - Join us in our Mamma Cuppas Chat Board where you can chat with like minded mums.