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Happily ticking off her ‘forty things at forty’ bucket list in 2019 Emma, wife and mother to two young children, hadn’t included a breast cancer diagnosis. Rather inconveniently a summer of fun was replaced with hospital appointments, scans and the commencement of ‘The Poisoning’ (chemotherapy).

Using her slightly sweary and dark humour Emma takes you on a ‘Bridget Jones diary’ style chronological journey in her quest to kill ‘Lumpy’. From sensible practical tips and advice to her weekly mini blogs to manage her ‘Cancer comms’, ‘chemo sitter’ rotas for friends to entertain her on treatment days and Uncle Fester at Halloween she shows you the highs, the lows and everything in-between.

She also shares the real time conversations and words of loved ones.

One thing’s for sure - Cancer could take her hair but she was damned if it was taking her humour.

£2 from every paperback sold will be donated to FORCE cancer charity.

Buy the book here and take part in our book club chat with emma for £12.99 (plus postage and Packaging) £3.78

what is Mamma with a cuppas book club ?

Mamma with a Cuppa's focus on Mamma's taking time out for themselves is our main reason for starting a Book Club. Reading is a perfect and simple way for a Mum to escape from the every day for a few minutes each day. 

Reading as a morning cuppa ritual, Reading as a crash out on the Sofa activity or Read yourself to sleep at Night. 

For those working mums that feel they never stop. Have you tried reading on your lunch break to give you 15 minutes of time out just for you! Let your brain be completely lost in a book. Go on give it a try!

Just like other Book Clubs - we have a new book every month (mostly self published authors) You can purchase it from our site through signing up on Our Events page. Click the Book Club and buy a Ticket. Your book will then be sent through from the author. Please note by signing up you agree for us to safely transfer your name and address to the Author of the book. 

At the end of each month we have a chance for you to talk to the author directly either via the Forum. Throughout the month the Author will be chatting to Mamma Cuppa Live on Instagram and appearing as a Guest on our Blog. 

This is a great time to get Social with other Mums. We are also considering beginning a Whats App Group Especially for our Book Club members too!

If you are a self publishing author and feel that this maybe an opportunity for you to get your book read and reviewed, please do get in touch here. 

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