about us 

A Supportive wellbeing Community for UK Mums

Mamma with a Cuppa Launched in March 2020. I decided to set up a platform for support for Mum's and New Mum's through these challenging times. The platform has evolved and the community has grown hugely over a few months. I am so proud to be able to share with you a team of Real Mums (Our Mumbassadors) that are passionate about creating friendships and support networks online and all over the UK. 

Our main focus over the last few months has been Self Care. I am so pleased to announce that we are opening our online store, selling Mamma Treat Boxes. A chance for Mums everywhere to put their feet up with a Cuppa and chill for a few Minutes. 

I am now a qualified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher with a Certificate from Ten of Zen. I am now running an Online Meditation Class to help guide you through your weeks, giving all you Mammas some valuable space to breath, refocus and continue with the help of Mindfulness. Check out more info here 

We hope you love what you have found here at Mamma with a Cuppa ! Remember if you are visiting for the first time today - Make sure you sign up for our Free Membership! Members get lots of Great offers and can get involved with our Mummy socials, chats and take advantage of some great discounts too. 

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Lots of Love 

Amy xxxx